FACM provides a forum for county managers to develop professional relationships, discuss current and future issues affecting counties, and provide mentoring opportunities, education, advice and advocacy on statewide issues.

- Message From The President -

Jason Brown, President

I am humbled and honored to serve as your President of the Florida Association of County Managers (FACM). This leadership role comes at a time when we are emerging from a critical COVID-19 pandemic, yet seeing a surge of the Delta variant. As the safety of all Florida residents and visitors remains paramount, so does our commitment to work together; 67 Counties/One Voice. As County Administrators and Managers, we should share and learn from one another, grow and protect our communities in the best ways possible.

I want to commend all FAC leadership for presenting such relevant topics in Orlando. Cryptocurrency; Artificial Intelligence; Broadband; Sports as an Economic Driver; the American Rescue Plan; Litigating the Opioid Crisis. While the term Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not new, the innovators within our own counties create amazing programs to use this level of technology. Which, I suspect, leads down a path of a domino effect of Cryptocurrency use in the years to come.

In Palm Beach County, we are fortunate to have Sports as an Economic Driver through our Major League Baseball Spring Training games. We look forward to spring of 2022 when the umpire can say, “Play ball!” in both of our stadiums again. Along with the crack of a bat, smell of a hotdog and cheers of a homerun. Increases in the revenue we collect with locals and out of town tourists coming to the games is inevitable and welcomed.

The American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) is critical for all of us to allow our municipalities and counties to work together, bringing the best to our stakeholders. Infrastructure improvements and repairs are imperative – including housing. Broadband, water quality, expediting the court case backlogs and behavioral health – these are just a few of the things ARPA may fund. Our regions, cities and counties may have different needs, but we have options for progress.

Please remember to submit your policy proposals in anticipation for the 2022 Legislative Session. The session begins in January, so diligence and commitment are key. You may have a unique idea, a logical solution or suggestions of resources we should be tapping into – let us know.
Check your email from FAC about Policy Ideas for the 2022 Session. Then make plans to join us in paradise, Palm Beach County, for the 2021 Innovation & Policy Conference, September 21-22, 2021.

Do not hesitate to contact me at 561-355-6726.

In 67 Counties/One Voice,

Verdenia C. Baker
Palm Beach County Administrator

Education Program

The Florida Association of County Managers are pleased to kick-off its Education Program. The Education Program will consist of two tracks – an Advanced Level track and an Intermediate Level track.

The Advanced Level track is designed for seasoned County Managers and will center on tactical strategies on emerging or challenging issues and leadership development. These courses will offer CE, CEU or CPE’s for accreditation requirements.

The Intermediate Level track is designed for County Managers who are new to local government, have transitioned from a municipality or for those senior staff who aspire to be county managers and will center on technical strategies (along with some tactical direction) on topics and issues in county government. Learn more.

January 24, 2022

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