The Florida Association of County Managers have launched its Education Program. The Education Program consists of two tracks – an Advanced Level track and an Intermediate Level track.

The Advanced Level track is designed for seasoned County Managers and will center on tactical strategies on emerging or challenging issues in county government and leadership development. These courses will offer CE, CEU or CPE’s for accreditation requirements.

The Intermediate Level track is designed for County Managers who are new to local government, have transitioned from a municipality or for those senior staff who aspire to be county managers and will center on technical strategies (along with some tactical direction) on topics and issues in county government.

The classes are held in conjunction with FAC conferences and both tracks will only be available to FACM members through the FAC portal. If you would like to take the opportunity to attend these classes, you can find more information on joining FACM or renewing your FACM due for 2023 HERE.

Should you have any questions or need additional information, please contact Emily Anderson at (850) 922-4300.